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Joy of Flying


Flying the planeI just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful air plane ride last Saturday. Your gift to the Birch Hill Playground fundraising has enriched so many. All the kids who will be playing on the equipment will be flying high during recess for years to come and my son Conor will have memories to last a lifetime.

Conor was thrilled to get to "fly the plane" and has been (no pun intended) on cloud nine ever since. He has been telling everyone he has been in contact with about his trip and how cool it was. The trip to Keene for breakfast with the fly by over Mt. Monadnock. He has been strutting around like a peacock with its brilliant blue & black feathers fanned out to its fullest. I appreciate how you encouraged him and reinforced his actions throughout his time on the stick. It seemed like he was six inches taller when he got out of the plane. He is not alone in bragging. I golf on Wednesday nights and was talking to one of the guys in the league who is a retired military aviator. I told him how you instructed my son to conduct a 360 degree turn, not lose any Landingaltitude and come out of the turn nice and sharp still heading due east. When I said Conor completed the turn flawlessly he said he could do that his 1st time back in flight school. This guy flew C130's and a number of other aircraft in his years of service in the air force. He said I should start looking at the Air Force academy as it sounds like I have a natural pilot on my hands. But what can I say, he has a bias to the Air Force, but I do like the price of the academy over other options. Karl, I'm not sure Conor is a natural pilot but I do think you are a natural instructor !!

Thanks again for a wonderful day !!

Barry & Conor O'Neil

Son Adam and Grandson Liam. We've accidentally created a flying monster. We've got a
four year-old airplane nut on our hands. Wish my father was still around,
we could have had four generations of Zahn's in one plane...

Liam and Dad. I think I have Adam considering flying lessons, although he can fly already,
he just doesn't know it. Did his first solo take-offs on this very trip!

Liam and Gramp...yes...that's me. Nothing makes me happier than getting kids in the air,
especially my first grandson.

A well-equipped panel in N21627...

A cloud from a different perspective....

Back with a crew of Young Eagles on a gorgeous flying day

Dominic in the right seat

Daughter Marlena demonstrates the look you never want to get from your co-pilot

Our town of Milford, NH in early autumn

Family friend Gabe with the New Hampshire countryside rolling away behind his shoulder

Newly constructed track and football field at Milford High School

Mitchell shunning the press photographer

Grandson Liam is ready to pull one out of the hangar

Portsmouth-Boston Air Show, August 2010

Son Mitchell, on right,and friend Michael stand guard over the venerable Boeing Superfortress. These incredible and massive bombers played pivotal roles during Word War II.

now those are flaps! Bigger than the entire wing on the Cessna I fly.

Tailgunner position on a Mitchell Bomber...

The nose gunner's office. Imagine what that must have been like during battle....

With my second grandson, Aidan Charles, catching some shade under the wing of the big Boeing...

An F-15, I believe, makes a slow-flight traverse across show-center...and then afterburner and a vertical climb. Incredible.

The Brazilian Smoke Squadron...a truly impressive show in tight formation.

The Brazilian Squad in full formation

One of us is upside down...

Inverted at the top of a roll...

Business class....

Kevin is all business flying the plane. He's a natural, and I see a pilot's license in his future. Faithful listeners to Crosswinds will remember Kevin joining me in-studio last year. He continues to serve in the military, now in an upper-brass position in the U.K.

Major Kevin Johnston and wife Christy after our scenic plane ride, just before they shipped of for England. We flew to Sandford, Maine for breakfast, then over Lake Winnipesaukee, and home to Nashua.

Photo of World Trade Towers taken by me from a Cessna 172, on our way to Key West in September of 1990. Who knew. Taken from the Hudson River VFR corridor.

The Statue of Liberty from the same flight. Majestic & beautiful

Flying with my late father, who had taken flight lessons years ago. As you can see, he liked to do the flying....

My dear friend Bob Denaro, an engineer by trade, bought an airplane about ten years ago and began a small flight school. He also wanted an airplane to teach his two sons to fly. Life was good, and then last summer a newly minted pilot landed the plane in a cranberry bog after perceiving that he had engine trouble. Nobody was injured, but the plane was a total loss. On Saturday, May 22, 2010, I checked out with Bob in his new plane, this gorgeous Cessna 172SP. I'm happy to see a friend back in the air, and looking forward to flying this beautiful, well-equipped airplane in the future. Congratulations, Bob.

N62127 and my little BMW, both waiting for a workout...

A lonely airplane at sunset, at Boire Field(Nashua, NH). The airport was established in 1934 and you can feel the history when taking in a sunset in early summer....the classic, small American airport where there is always a sense of adventure, past, present and future, in the air...

Myself with friend and fellow pilot Bob DeNaro of New England Flight Training. www.neflighttraining.com Bob just purchased his second Cessna 172, and this one, 404AK sports a Garmin 1000 Glass Cockpit. Ahh..technology strikes again. Weather radar, auto pilot...all the bells and whistles...

The Garmin panel is the same as you may find in a 767. Much different than the steam gauges we've all been used to for years. A full tutorial is required and tons of time to truly know this system.

...the new member of the fleet on display...