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Crosswinds with Karl Zahn

Congressman and Presidential candidate Thaddeus McCotter in-studio for Crosswinds, WSMN on July 10th, 2011

I am happy to announce that in early December I was approached by the General Manager at WSMN 1590 AM in Nashua, NH where I have been enjoying a Friday Co-Host with Jennifer Horn, about the possibility of developing my own show. The station is in the midst of expansion and they are looking for some new local programming. After a handfull of meetings with the management, kicking around concepts and hammering out a very lucrative contract for myself, I have officially joined the family at Absolute Broadcasting, LLC. Current plans are for the show to begin on January 6th, 2008. This will be an hour, 11A.M. - 12P.M., on Sundays to begin, and we'll see how things go. I am truly excited to join the folks at WSMN. This station has been a Nashua staple since 1958 and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of their continued growth. For more information go to www.wsmnradio.com. From there you can listen live or to the podcast thing, and of course, call in at 603 883 9900.

First broadcast from our new studio, still under construction, on April 5th, 2009. When finished, there will be three complete studios, a production studio, and studio A with a glass booth for producers...the real deal!
WSMN New Studio WSMN New Studio
Comedian Karl Zahn invites Steve to be a guest on his radio program "Crosswinds with Karl Zahn" on WSMN 1590 AM in Nashua. The Steve Katsos Show serves as an outlet for creative people in New England. The program also features celebrities, charities, and events. Full episodes can be seen Sunday nights at 7:30 PM on ACMi, Saturday mornings at 1:00 AM on Charter TV3, and at 11:30 PM on Sunday nights on MyTV New England. For more information check "The Steve Katsos Show" fan page on Facebook, connect with "Steve Katsos Show" on Twitter, or visit http://www.stevekatsos.com.
Here are my shows. Left click to open or right click to download (they are large files so may take some time to download):
Best of Crosswinds

Current Crosswinds

Bill O'Reilly talks politics. 1/20/08
Governor Jane Swift on McCain 2/3/08
Dan Rather talks politics. 3/9/08
Governor John Lynch 3/16/08
Actress/Author Janine Turner 3/16/08

Musician Bobby Whitlock 4/6/08 NH Atty. Gen. Kelly Ayotte 4/27/08 Glass Artist Rick Ayotte 6/8/08 Pilot/Author Lynn Spencer 6/15/08

Child Advocate/Author Wendy Murphy 6/29/08
Political Analyst Dick Morris 7/13/08 Author/Analyst Bill Glynn 7/20/08 Author/Analyst Paul Alexander 8/10/08

Crosswinds #137 - 10/09/11
Last Crosswinds! After nearly 5 years, off to greener pastures...

Crosswinds #136 - 9/18/11
Guest: Nick Rutigliano

Crosswinds #135 - 9/11/11
Guests: Lauren Bancroft, Nick Rutigliano

Crosswinds #134 - 9/04/11

Crosswinds #133 - 8/21/11
Guests: Congressman Thaddeus McCotter/Comedienne Lauren Bancroft

Crosswinds #132 - 7/31/11
Guest: Congressman Thad McCotter

Best Interviews

Karl with Captain Keith, of Deadliest Catch, on October 3rd, 2010

A collection of sound from Bill O'Reilly's Radio Factor during the Jessica's Law campaign, including a couple of interviews with Karl. The first audio is from August 3, 2005, followed by 8/23, 8/25, 10/03 and 10/07/05. It's interesting to look back at the passion with which O'Reilly pursued this cause, and was ultimately more successful than any politician could have been. Through sheer pressure and the bully pulpit, he helped bring significant changes to child protection laws in nearly every state in the country. Quite a legacy in itself.

On June 1st, 2008, I was joined in the studio by Capt. Scott Quilty of Francestown, NH.
Capt. Quilty suffered the loss of his right arm and leg, below the elbow and knee, respectively, while gallantly serving his country in Iraq.
He is now involved with SurvivorsCorps, a non-profit organization based in Washinton, DC which is developing programs to reach out to other injured veterans to help them realign their lives.
Scott currently lives in Maryland with his wife, also a veteran.
On May 25th, 2008, Memorial Day weekend, I was joined in the studio by Maj. Kevin Johnston, just back from a year and a half in Iraq
An 18 year Army veteran, and still serving, I was honored to have the time with him on such a special holiday.
Another example of the amazing servicemen and women who give up so much for the rest of us.