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Fox News' Red Eye

We were all set to begin taping Red Eye on August 5th, with Governor Huckabee as a guest, when news broke that the country's credit rating had been downgraded by S & P for the first time in history. That's when the bad news came for us...no taping of Red Eye tonight....a long drive back to New Hampshire

With new Red Eye producer Tara Jakeway and Fox News Contributor Mahsa Saeidi Azcuy, just before attempting to tape the Red Eye episode that never was...

The Flagship, Fox News New York, and their subtle banner...

My third visit to Red Eye on June 10th, 2011. With John DeVore, Greg "Look At My Teeth" Gutfeld, and Ann Gilligan

Karl with Greg Gutfeld of Fox News' RedEye....

Karl appears on Fox News' RedEye with Greg Gutfeld on February 1st, 2011

Son Adam, Andy Levy, Greg and me...post-production..

Out with the boys(and one girl) after my second Red Eye appearance on March 18th, 2011

With Michaela Huntly, Red Eye's producer and top dog and the one who makes it all happen. Originally a Boston girl...

With Anthony Cumia of the Opie and Anthony show. A really funny guy and a fun cat to hang with for sure...